MEMBERSHIPS AND DONATIONS REALLY MATTER!  Financial support from the groups who use YANA Club facilities goes a long way, but it is not enough to meet all of our financial requirements. The additional support of YANA members and donors is essential to ensure YANA’s continued growth and success. 

Here are some of the things that the YANA Club provides in serving as a home for the more than 30 12-step meetings held in our rooms each week:

·         Clean and comfortable facilities, including well-equipped meeting rooms, kitchen facilities, and rest rooms supported by HVAC and electricity, telephone and wi-fi internet, cleaning and waste removal services, landscape and pest control, insurance, and routine repairs.

·         Support for group meetings, including coffee, kitchen and restroom supplies; as well as free program pamphlets, and books for use by the various Big Book study groups that meet at YANA.  We also provide a book sales program to insure that program literature is always available.

·         Social activities, such as weekly movies and cook-outs, big-screen TV for sports events, and gatherings for holiday celebrations (July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.).

·         Financial reserves to provide assured funding when needed to handle major repairs and to for the long term future of the club.  Since 2011, we have applied more than $75,000 to pay for major renovations to YANAs facility and grounds.

Your membership or donation is tax deductible.  YANA Club is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  And every penny you contribute goes directly to YANA support – there’s no overhead expense.

Please consider joining the ranks of the many friends who have committed to support the YANA Club by becoming a YANA member or by making a donation, helping to ensure that YANA Club doors will always be open to provide an excellent home for our Low Country recovery groups, keeping the YANA promise that “You Are Not Alone!”

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